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West Virginia Secretary of State

Secretary of State Bldg. 1, Suite 157-K1900 Kanawha Blvd. East Charleston, WV 25305-0770
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West Virginia Notary Information

(Information from the West Virginia Secretary of State website)

Frequently Asked Questions About Notary Public Applications

Q.  Does the Secretary of State notify notaries when the 10 year commission is expiring?

Yes, the application form will be sent to the address on record with the Secretary of State.  However, if you don’t receive the form, it is your responsibility to get the form and submit the completed application if you want to be re-commissioned from the previous commission expiration date.

Q.  How long does it take to process a notary application?

If the application is correct and complete, approximately three weeks.

Q.  How soon may I start notarizing?

Your commission is not effective until your new seal is approved and you receive your commission certificate.

Q.  May a federal employee apply as a government notary?

No, the fee waiver is only for employees of state and local governing bodies.  Federal employees may apply as regular notaries and have the agency pay the fee.

Q.  May an employee of a public corporation such as a Park Commission apply as a government notary?

Yes, as long as the entity is established by state law, it is considered a governing body.

Q.  If my employer pays for my notary commission, what happens if I leave that job?

You are the person who holds the commission, not the employer, and the employer may not have the commission canceled.  However, it is your duty to file a change of address and get a new seal immediately if your employer’s address is on your seal.

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