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Virginia Secretary of State

Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth P.O. Box 1795 Richmond, VA 23218-1795
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Virginia Secretary of State

(Information from the Virginia Secretary of State website)

Helpful Links:

  • A copy of the Virginia Notary Handbook – PDF (424k) | Word (105k)

  • To request the registration number and/or expiration date for my commission – PDF (102kb) | Word (70kb)

  • To request a change of contact information – PDF (112kb) | Word (81kb)

I would like to become a traditional (paper) notary:

Anyone wishing to become a notary public for the Commonwealth of Virginia must submit a completed application for appointment as notary to the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth along with a fee of $45.00 made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. Notary applications are available below or at your local circuit court.

The applicant should receive notice that their application has been approved within 3 weeks of receipt. The notary then has sixty days to present themselves to the court of their choosing to take their oath of office and pick up their commission certificate.  At that time, the clerk of court will require an additional fee of $10.00 which should be made payable to the court.

If a notary commission is not claimed within sixty days from its issuance, it becomes invalid. Failure to claim the commission within sixty days is not excused for ANY REASON, including non-receipt of the notice. Thereafter, if the applicant wishes to be a notary, a new application and a new fee must be submitted.

A commission as notary is good for four years.  The process for renewing a commission is the same as applying for an original commission.

Please note, if you are a notary whose commission expires in first few months of the calendar year (January, February, March) submit your application in January.  Applications received prior to January will result in the commission expiring one year earlier than anticipated.

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