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Alaska Secretary of State

Alaska State Capitol Building, Third Floor Juneau, AK 99801
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Alaska Notary Public Office – Office of Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell

Please contact our office for assistance with anything related to commissions or notarizations.

Alaska Statutes
AS 44.50 (PDF)
AS 09.63 (PDF)

Alaska Notary F.A.Q.

(From the AK Secretary of State’s Office)

What is a notary?
A notary public is an official appointed by the State to serve the public as an impartial and unbiased witness, with duties prescribed by law.

What is a surety?

A surety is an individual or entity willing to accept financial liability for the notary’s debts and defaults of obligations up to the amount of the surety bond.  In Alaska, the bond amount is $1,000.

An applicant may choose one of two options for a surety:

1. Commercial Bond:  A bond may be purchased through an insurance agency in which case the notary would be commercially bonded.

2. Private Bond:  A business, organization, or private individual may act as a private surety on behalf of a notary, in which case, the notary would be privately bonded.

One cannot act as one’s own surety.

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