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Notary Clifford R. shares his source of success, gives advice to other notaries

Back in the spring we asked one of our 5-star notaries to provide some insight into his notary business. He shared with us his advice for new notaries, tips and trick of the trade, and his personal success story.  We hope you enjoy the interview with Clifford R. who serves the Southeastern Pennsylvania area as a Notary Public.

MortgageDocs5-star notary interview

Profile: Clifford R., Notary in Southeastern Pennsylvania

–  Length of active notary work: 21 Years
–  Notary as primary profession
–  Began working with MortgageDocs in February 2010
–  Does between 10-15 MortgageDocs signings a week

MortgageDocs (MD): Do you have any additional accreditations (example: TPL, NNA Certification…etc)? How have these helped you?

Clifford R (CR): I have a NNA Certification, which has assisted me along the way.


MD: What do you like about working with a signing company?

CR: The service from the representatives and opportunity to make money.


MD: If you have one, please share an interesting and/or memorable signing story with us?

CR: When I think of a memorable story which I’ve had some very interesting ones, I would say with MortgageDocs, especially MortgageDocs, ALL of the representatives have been very courteous, pleasant and extremely helpful on getting the job done and assisting the Notary Public in their profession. I have had times when HUD approval may not be in a timely fashion but with the help of the reps, together we were able to get the job done and assist with help the borrower feel comfortable during the process.


Advice to New Notaries:


MD: How did you get your signing business off the ground?

CR:  I got my signing business off the ground with professionalism, patience and



MD: Any lessons that you’ve learned that you want to share about growing your business?

MortgageDocs Notary Quote

MD: What is the most important guidance you can give a new notary?

CR: My guidance would be, learn your product which are the documents your presenting, be professional which is your appearance, arriving on time and again being pleasant to all.


MD: Do you have any tips or tricks of the trade?

CR: I don’t have any tricks but a tip would be to keep a clear log book of your schedule closings and don’t over book yourself. You don’t have to make all the money in one day. Faith will provide.


The Big Question:

MD: In your opinion, what has made you a successful notary?

CR: I believe my success comes from being consistent, good work ethic and faith in the Lord!

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